Keep the Change by Nirupama Subramanian

I knew the author, a friend of mine, so I bought the book promptly from a nearby book-store. Not to mention that the catchy cover page which made the book stand out in the store shelf.

The very first sentence of the book had me wanting for more. It says “… today morning an elephant fell on me..” I didn’t want to finish the book soon – as then I would have to go scouting for another book to read. So I browsed through the pages of the book and found the writing style very intriguing. The whole book is written as a series of letters to a friend named Victoria (reminding me and my single-track mind of Victoria Secret all the time). I couldn’t keep myself from diving deep into reading the book soon thereafter and only kept it down when I had finished.

There are lots of things that I liked in the book apart from the main protagonist B. Damyanthi. I really liked the exchange of words between Damyanthi and her mom and how her mom is always talking about marriage, food and relatives all in a single conversation. It reminded me of my mom who changes topics seamlessly within a dialogue like an Indian actress changes sarees during movie songs. Maybe its because she is trying to catch up on everything in the little time that the kids give to their moms after growing up.

The other amazing aspect of the book is Damyanthi’s wild imaginations. One moment she is visualizing herself as Brad Pitt’s wife with a rainbow family and another moment she is the best employee of First Global bank.

B Damyanthi also has two voices in this book – a private one which is usually more funny, young and bold and a public one which is demure, mature and as per people’s expectations. So while the outer voice is nodding head in agreement to an aunt’s remarks, the inner voice is talking about being a pole-dancer in a strip-bar.

Overall – a must read and a hard to put down category.